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Are you ready to create e-shop?

E-commerce market grows every year. More and more people prefer to buy goods on-line and more and more people prefer to sell goods online. Having the e-shop for a product, that is proper for on-line sales you can easily make more than $30.000 a year by checking your email and just visiting post office twice a week. But, as any kind of business e-commerce require initial investments of your money, time and efforts. It is very easy business to handle after it is done once and you became familiar with it, but it could be hard to start and learn. The easiest way to earn money on-line is to do the merchandising via e-shop. It is the most popular way also. For that, first and most important thing you have to do is to create an internet based store, or shortly e-shop. Dealing with company that provide quality e-commerce solutions will save your time and nervous cells as well as will help you to get a quality product. After choosing the company you want to move forward with, you will probably get two options: create template or custom designed e-shop. Both of variants have it’s advantages and disadvantages, both could be profitable and detrimental. It this article I will try to help you in making right choice between custom designed and template e-shops by comparing them.

Firstly, I want to describe the main differences between custom designed and template e-shops. Template e-shop is a web site, created by the special program. All the parts, such as database, content management system and layouts are generated automatically by this program with few differences. All template web sites have similar functionality and interface. Usually you can implement your own graphics on it to make it looks different, but only in a few ways. Custom created e-shops are created not by a program, but by programmers. All its parts mostly created from scratch, so it could be unique, flexible and convertible.

But, it is a commercial rule that for flexibility, originality and convertibility according to your business you always have to pay more. As concerns to e-shops, situation is a little bit different. Template e-shops setting up fee is not expensive, it is really cheap. Prices varies between fifty and three hundred dollars depending on solution provider. But then, most providers require monthly fee, which could be from thirty to two hundred dollars. So, you will be in need to spend about one thousand dollars a year for actually nothing. And you will have to learn how to use web store management system, what could be not so easy. Custom created e-shops solutions are opposite. Quality custom created e-shop could be priced between two and 7 thousand dollars. But it is a fee you will need to pay once for the programming and designing job for your e-shop. And you don’t have to worry about it after – you should be trained how to use your store by the solution providing company.

Another one big difference that you will feel if you will try both types of e-shops is the terms they could be created in. Using quality service provider, you could have template e-shop in couple of days. Of course, you have to have all supplement materials for it, such a images, video and text information. Likewise, you have to prepare it for custom designed web store, but the creation, which involve programming and graphic designing, could take from two weeks to two months depending on your requirements.

As I mentioned before, custom design web sites are more flexible to adjust, change and rebuild unlike template solutions. Because of template web site is created and controlled by program, it’s bordered in its functionality and convertibility. Changing some options in this kind of e-shops could be impossible or very expensive. Of course, you should not have any problems with adding new products and adjusting its prices, but if you will decide to change the way it works, you will get a problem. For example, I had a client who was selling shirts on-line using template e-shop by the most popular template solutions provider. One day he decided to increase the cost of big-size shirts, and decrease the price for small sizes. Unfortunately, the only one way to do that was the manually change of all products prices and changing structure of all the shop. It was going to take a while. In contrast, if he would have custom designed web site, it wont cost more than 30 minutes from the programmer time, if he has custom designed e-shop.

One more big disadvantage of template e-shop is that it is usually hard to optimize for search engine. Most of people find out about your e-shop existence and products or services you offer through the search engines, such as, or Most of template solution web site code are very messy, what makes them hard parse able by search engine robot (search engine program that parse your web site for finding search request key words). Unlike template e-shop, custom created web site could be search engine optimized from the beginning. Company-developer should explain you what kind of content should it have and how should it be created in the best way for getting upper positions in search engines responses.

Even though template e-shops and custom designed web e-shops could have some similar components. Template e-shops are always connected to paypal or google checkout billing systems initially. Generally speaking, it is the only one way you can process payments in template systems. Using the custom created e-shop, you have flexibility to set up your own shopping cart, add any existent billing system or create your own. But even if client decide to create his own billing system, I always advice to have a paypal as an option for customers who don’t completely trust company to provide their credit card information.

Another similar component both e-shops variants must have is a news letter. News letter is a powerful instrument of marketing you can use to increase your sales. If you have found a template solution without newsletter, you better don’t choose it. As well, as if you are projecting custom created e-shop you should make sure this component is included into the project list.

As any business, e-shop organization should be started from research and exploring the field. E-shop is a powerful sales instrument, but it is an instrument, that will work only if you have created it properly. Finally, template solution e-shop is not adjustable, could don’t completely respond your needs and not good for search engine optimization. But it is quick to build and not so expensive at the first time. My personal opinion is that this kind of solution is proper for people who have additional resource for advertisement out of internet. Also it is a good solution if want just to try yourself in e-commerce. But you have to understand, that it will take about five hundred dollars out of your pocket and in case of fiasco could blunder your imagination abut e-commerce Custom designed web stores are the best solution if you are well grounded in your decision to merchandise on the web, intended to sell big amount of products, think that your product is on-line sailable and you have investments for start. But both solutions could bring you additional, or primary monthly income.

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