Купить скрипт Директ-Аукцион (Direct Auction)

Direct Auction bid management system license for sale

Direct Auction v4.3 – a script to automate and create their own strategies in Yandex Direct.
Really can save 10-30% of the budget.

The control system rates «Direct Auction» is designed for efficient management of the advertising company Yandex. «Direct Auction» keeps ads on advertiser selected items at the lowest possible price at the moment.

Why do it?

You save your advertising budget. You get an increase in return on investment in Yandex to 50%. Direct Auction totally frees you from the Bid Management: after the invoice price you will not have to adjust them – the program will do this automatically.

The Direct Auction differs from Autobroker Direct’s?

Direct Auction is qualitatively different from it in that this is based on the task to save money an advertiser. Every time a click costs as much as possible cheap.

Strategy Advertising Company

The program incorporated several management strategies. You can create new strategies. For each company, you can set a limit of maximum rates. Strategies applicable for the entire company and for individual ads.

It is possible to work with multiple accounts Yandex.

Case studies on the use of:

1) Expose rate is 5% less competitor in the first position, forcing it to expend the budget and leave the issue.
2) The ability to keep the 2-3 position, constantly updating the minimum required bid (within the limitation exhibited by clicking value)
These strategies behavior in the auction can not be automated standard tools Yandex Direct!

The script installed OS on your own PHP Hosting Unix family.

Program Website: direct-auction.ru

The current official price: $ 180
Our price: $ 90.

Sale because agencies specialize in web design and web application development.

Contact: info@uwc.by

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